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I’m fucking mind blown right now!! Did Supernatural get inspired of this photograph of Hitler when they came up with the old photo of Crowley hanging in the halls of Hell?

What if Crowley was possessing Hitler…

Well he was watching old Third Reich footage when we first see him in his house….. O_O O_O O_O

Mother of God

That would explain why he killed himself. Crowley smoked out, and hitler couldn’t live with the guilt…

Hitler was very into the occult (it’s believable that he’d summon a cross roads demon) and most of the crap he did was within the last 10 years of his life . I think Crowley got Hitler to sign a demon deal and that he liked to watch the videos and pose like the Furer because he was proud of that deal. If Crowley got Hitler to sell his soul in exchange for the power to commit pure evil that would have been a double win for hell. I bet the Hitler deal is how he got the title King of the Crossroads

BOOM Headcannon accepted

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